Restrictions Free

Unlock any service or website with our free pptp vpn.All websites and ports are open on our vpn servers so you can open any website, play games or access any program you want and feel real freedom of internet.

Unlimited Bandwith

You can use our vpn servers daily as much you want.We do not cap connection speeds or bandwith limits so you can enjoy videos,games,torrent downloads or any bandwith intensive services for free.

Full Anonymity

We do not log any of your internet browsing details. Only details which is store on our servers is your IPaddress and time of the connection to our server. Which is automatically removed every week.


Vpn Server :
Username : usa-vpn
Password*(changed) : freevpn8Tvr
Protocol** : PPTP
Server Location: Kansas City, USA.

*To avoid misuse of this free service we change password time to time please checkback later for new password.
**Point to point tunneling (PPTP) is widely used protocol,Which is supported across all major platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, Mobile and PS3.